USMLE Score Calculator

SurgisphereUSMLE5 Ace the exam with the Clinical Review USMLE Step 1 Course! This course includes high-yield review textbooks, thousands of practice questions with detailed explanations, comprehensive slide presentations, audio and video lectures, and a system to keep track of your progress and performance. Our mean score is 242 with a 99% pass rate!


The data used to create the calculators is obtained from the public domain and from our own pool of students who have completed the entire USMLE Review course. The sample size is approximately 4,000 and consists of US Medical Graduates and Foreign Medical Graduates. The score estimate provided above is based on a complex multivariate weighted regression analysis and estimated continuous probability distribution.

With the calculator, you are able to enter one or more test scores to estimate your performance on the USMLE. If you have taken the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment (CBSSA), choose either your most recent score or the average of your most recent scores if the exams are within the same timeframe. Enter only your raw score (out of 800), not the converted score (out of 300). Other testing services offer a 3 digit score or an overall percentage of correct answers. Enter your average percent based off a large (over 250 questions) pool of timed, single-use questions with no repeats.

As you move the sliders to the appropriate numbers, small icons on the graph will move to show your estimated performance as an overlay on a normal distribution. Your estimated three digit score is the X-axis, while the Y-axis is the Gaussian function. As you enter more scores, you will note that your score estimate (the black icon) will move around accordingly.

Both the estimator and calculator provide a USMLE 3 digit score, USMLE 2 digit score, and estimated percentile. The calculator also provides an overall standard deviation, which will vary depending on the number of testing services you have used. For information purposes only, an estimated pass indicator will glow red, yellow, or green depending on your overall performance. The yellow box to the right will provide some basic hints.

You are permitted to reset all of the data in the calculator, and to print its data for later use. We hope that you will enjoy the USMLE Score Calculator.

The USMLE Score Estimator / Converter and USMLE Score Calculator produce estimates of your theoretical performance on the USMLE. There are many variables that go into your performance on the USMLE, and these are not accounted for by these two calculators. As a result, there is no warranty or guarantee for your USMLE performance. There is no claim as to the accuracy or validity of these score estimates or any content, function, or design of the calculators. Whether you are prepared for the USMLE is a decision that should be made after careful consideration of all available data, not based in whole or part on the information provided by the calculators. You may wish to consult a testing professional prior to taking the USMLE. By using these calculators and accessing this website, you also agree to the overall Terms and Conditions.