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SurgisphereUSMLE1We can help you earn top-notch results.
  • is a sophisticated learning management system that organizes your education and maximizes your potential.

  • Students who complete our review course have scored in the top 1% and earned USMLE Step 1 scores up to 278.

  • Our educational resources are an integral part of the educational curriculum in over 60 residency training programs and used by thousands of students and doctors around the world.

Access our high-yield review textbooks.

  • Peer-reviewed and expertly edited high-yield textbooks follow the USMLE Step 1 content outline.

  • Topics are discussed in detail to ensure you master the relevant subjects and maximize your score.

  • Use the textbooks online or in print; you can even access the textbooks via your iPhone or Blackberry.

  • The textbooks are fully integrated with our online questions and our sophisticated learning management system. This is one cohesive product to help centralize your studying and maximize your efficiency.

  • SurgisphereUSMLE3

    Review 3,000 USMLE-style questions & a library of resources.

    • Clinical Review has a comprehensive database of 3,000 USMLE Step 1 questions that reflect high-yield topics you are expected to master.

    • Each question has a detailed explanation that goes through the relevant content matter, so you are always learning and reinforcing key concepts.

    • Sophisticated exam interface gives you instant feedback and detailed information to help you improve your weaknesses.

    • Choose questions by subject area and repeat them as many times as you desire.

    • Use our high-yield slide review to go through over 1,000 slides in a systems-based review. Hundreds of illustrations, tables, and charts clearly delineate the important you need to know.

    • Dozens of hours of audio lectures can be downloaded to your iPod or iPhone.

    Be more productive with our high-yield resources.

    Review Course Highlights

    • SurgisphereUSMLE4 Over 10,000 USMLE-style practice questions with detailed explanations, divided into questions appropriate for the USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 exams.
    • Three full-length practice examinations to test your knowledge.
    • Half a dozen review textbooks available online and in print.
    • High-yield slide reviews of all major concepts that appear on the USMLE.
    • Dozens of hours of audio and video lectures that you can take with you on your iPod.
    • The ONLY review course that follows the NBME and FSMB content outline for the USMLE.
    • Validated, refined, and updated continuously based on your input and our staff of practicing physicians and surgeons.
    • Proven superior performance on the USMLE.
    • Comprehensive learning management system to keep track of your scores and performance.
    • Compare your scores with others and estimate your USMLE score.
    • Access to practicing physicians for fast USMLE-related help.

    High Yield Review Textbooks


    • High-yield systems-based review textbook for the USMLE Step 1, 2, or 3.
    • Comprehensive review of all major topics that appear on the USMLE.
    • The ONLY textbook that follows the content outline produced by the NBME and FSMB.
    • Full line of review textbooks for the USMLE to ensure that you are well-prepared for the exam.
    • Detailed table of contents, preface for each chapter, and useful index to help you organize your studying.
    • Reviewed and updated every year by medical students and our staff of practicing physicians and surgeons.
    • Professionally edited and published. Available in paperback at your local bookstore and from our online store.

    Interactive Question Review Program

    • SurgisphereUSMLE6 Over 3,000 USMLE-style practice questions with detailed explanations carefully vetted to amplify your study efforts.
    • Questions cover concepts that have appeared on recent USMLE exams and follow the NBME / FSMB content outline for the exam.
    • Choose questions by subject area and repeat them as many times as you desire.
    • Our advanced learning interface adapts to your strengths and weaknesses to reinforce topics that you are weak in.
    • Sophisticated exam interface gives you instant feedback and detailed information at the end of your session.
    • Questions selected by medical students and practicing doctors that best represent the content you will see on the USMLE.
    • Complements the textbooks, slide reviews, and lectures to reinforce your knowledge in key subjects.

    Slide Reviews and Lectures

    • SurgisphereUSMLE7 Over a thousand slides that cover high-yield material that you can expect to see on the USMLE.
    • Systems-based review that goes through all major topics and follows the NBME / FSMB content outline for the exam.
    • Hundreds of illustrations, charts, diagrams, and tables to clearly delineate the important information.
    • Dozens of hours of lectures that follow the slide presentations and emphasize high-yield content.
    • Reinforces key concepts covered in the textbook and practice questions.
    • Lectures can be downloaded to your iPod or iPhone.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    • Prompt and responsive customer service available 24/7/365.
    • Easily accessible and helpful assistance available at your convenience.
    • The only comprehensive review resource in the industry to offer outstanding service and support.
    • Your suggestions and comments are used to improve the product every year.
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    This course is very well organized and covers all the material I needed to know for the boards.The charts, graphs, highlighted important topics, along with the complete review made my life much easier. Without any doubt I would highly recommend Clinical Review. If you want to make life a little easier then this is the book to have, as it is just a great asset!

    - VS, New York, NY

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